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Live Potted Willows

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Live potted willows truly enhance any garden border or they can simply stand alone as a sculptural centre piece, either way these plants transform throughout the seasons from stark sculpture in wintertime to abundant leaf in summer.

Variety: Dickie Meadows

Variety: Nancy Saunders

Variety: Flanders Red

All varieties are available in various sizes: up to 3ft £45, up to 4ft £55, up to 5ft £70, up to 6ft £90. Bespoke sizes can be commissioned, please email  or telephone 01568 615079 for further details.


Live potted willows tend to be planted in January of each year and woven into a lattice structure before the leaf forms. Over the next few of months the part of the rod in the soil will start to push roots, at the same time a large canopy of leaf appears at the top of the structure. There are very few plants that can perform both these functions at the same time and they need a lot of water to achieve this, so it is very important to keep potted willow well watered at all times. The potted willow will need to stay in its pot for the first season to ensure a good stable root ball.


Around November/December its time to cut the back the structure 2 or 3 inches above the woven line if you want to keep its shape. It will also have produced a dense root ball and so will now need transplanting to a larger pot or into the ground to give it space for next seasons growth. Once established in the ground it is only necessary to water during dry periods.  After 4-5 years the structure will start to graft together.


Potted willows are a seasonal product available from March to July each year.