Basketmaker & Willowgrower

Courses run from 10am til 4pm  Tools, willow materials and lunch included.  



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Basket Making Courses for 2018 in Herefordshire

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Plant Support Course                               Saturday 28th April                                                                   £75 (£30 deposit required)    


You will be able to make at least 2 plant supports on this 1 day course. These are suitable for use in flower borders, supporting sweet peas and runner beans, all made with locally grown willow. Suitable for beginners

Fitched Oval Arm Basket Course             Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th May                                      £180 (£50 deposit required)    


A chance to have a go at this lovely French way of building an openwork arm basket on an oval hoop. The course will cover hoop making, scallom cutting, fitching and fitting a bow handle. It will also be possible to include different designs within the arm basket as there are a few different ways of building the openwork technique. We will work with unstripped willow. Some experience necessary.

Round Basket Course                                Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th June                                    £180 (£50 deposit required)    


This 2 day course will give you the opportunity to focus on cutting scalloms and fitching bases to make, for example, a round fruit basket or tray. Hoops will be provided. They both make fabulous gifts and are very useful in the kitchen. No experience necessary.

White Open Work Arm Top

Flower Basket or Trug Course                  Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th July                                    £180 (£50 deposit required)    


You will be able to make a flower basket or trug. The base of this basket is made without a block and is woven on a square frame using the scalloming technique to produce perfectly square corners with corner posts.  Finally, adding a double bow skeined handle.  Some experience necessary

Introductory Basket Making Course       Wednesday 12th or Sunday 16th September                     £90 (£30 deposit required)    


During h.Art Week we will offer a one day introductory course in basket making suitable for beginners.  An ideal day to find out if willow is for you.  We will make a round basket suitable for fruit or bread using simple techniques. No experience necessary.

Plant Supports Fruit basket Flower Trug

Cradle Course                                            Friday 17th, Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th August          £300 (£50 deposit required)    


To celebrate the arrival of my first grandchild I thought I would offer the opportunity for other grand parents and others to make their own cradle. On a pre made hoop we will construct the cradle using the scalloming technique on this 3 day course. Filled or fitched sides are an option along with using stripped or unstripped willow. Some experience necessary

Version 2 Small Round Tray - Version 2

Willow & Hazel Fence Panel Course                                Sunday 7th October                                    £100 (£50 deposit required)    


An opportunity to have a go at building a willow and hazel fence panel for your garden up to 5ft square. Useful for hiding or dividing garden areas. No experience necessary.