Basketmaker & Willowgrower

Willow Cuttings for Sale

These willow cuttings are suitable for basket making and are listed from small to large growth:

Petite Grisette

Petite Grisette - Triandra


A small, fine, strong and dense willow suitable for making smaller baskets. Grows to 5/6 feet in a season. Very slender and elegant, useful for fitching.


Dries to a deep mahogany colour.

Dickie Meadows

Dickie Meadows - Purpurea


A slightly larger willow than Petite Grisette but still very slender and strong. Grows to 6/7 feet in a year. Suitable for medium sized baskets.


Extremely straight and good for smal to medium stakes as well as for weaving. Dries to a beautiful green grey colour.


Helix - Purpurea


Very similar to Dickie Meadows but grows to 7/8/feet in a year and is larger in diameter and so useful for slightly larger baskets.


Dries to a silvery grey colour.


Norfolk - Viminalis


A stout and vigorous willow growing to 7/8 feet in a yea. Good straight rod so suitable for medium to large sized baskets as stakes or weavers.


Dries to a chesnut/olive colour.

Zwarte Drie Baste

Zwarte Drie Bast - Triandra


A very large and robust willow growing to 8/9 feet in a year with a large diameter. Good for stakes and weaving of larger basket such as log or storage.


Dries to a deep dark brown.

The 5 varieties of cuttings are available in multiples of 50 at a cost of £22.50. They will be available until the beginning of March.


Postage for 50 will be £4.00 and as these are cut to order please allow 1 week from order to delivery. 



If you would like to place an order or need any further information then please email  or telephone 01568 615079